StartSeptember 25/08 8:00pm

EndSeptember 26/08 8:30am

Smith’s Drunkness: 8.5/10

Paige’s Drunkness: 7.5/10


  • Back of Smith’s Jeep
  • Marley’s Suite


Smith MilnerPaige Harley, Melanie Komori, Kevin Thornton, Seb Zeidler, Marley Smith, Sam Jones, Adam Woods, Ali Milner


We’de been planning this night for awhile, with Sam coming from the island for the weekend, this was the perfect opportunity for a kidnapping.  Melanie and I (Paige) took the bus and met up with Smith and Seb and drove to the sea bus to pick up Kevin and Sam. The unsuspecting Kevin walked back to the car with us from the ferry and we tackled him. After a good fight we gagged and blindfolded him as well as tied his wrists and ankles.

After chucking him in the back of the car, we force fed him booze all the way to Marley’s. Marley and Adam met us at Marley’s place where we played an incredible game of kings cup. Saying “in my pants” after every sentence became a rule pretty quickly, resulting in some pretty incredible phrases. ie:

“I want to come, in my pants! MUAHAHA”

When the game wound down Ali showed up with 3 boxes of kraft dinner, she never looked so beautiful. Well I prepared the KD, Melanie took the almost full, forgotten Kings cup and mixed in some juice and tabasco sauce. She presented this concoction to Smith who drank it with out much question.

The rest of the night was spent playing with Patrick the chameleon and eating kraft dinner.

The next morning, everyone collected themselves and left. Most of us actually made it to school. Everyone except Marley. What a surprise ending.



  • Kidnapping Kevin
  • Nearly dropping a kidnapped Kevin
  • Kings cup (in my pants)
  • Playing with Patrick the Chameleon
  • Ali bringing kraft dinner
  • Actually making it to school on time

Start: September 24/08 8:00pm

End: September 25/08 8:30am

Smith’s Drunkness: 8.5/10

Paige’s Drunkness: 7.5/10


  • MP’s Suite
  • Neighbours Pub


Smith MilnerPaige Harley, Melanie Komori, Kevin Thornton, Seb Zeidler, Marley Smith, Kyler Vos, Emily Pledge, Sarah Pledge, Shane Oosterhoff, Jamie Mann, Andrew Mattock, Sam Jones


This night was wonderful. During the afternoon when we tried to lock down on who was actually coming, many of the usual suspects backed out due to homework. In an attempt to expand our group we branched out the invite, the result was our largest group yet. We ended up with a total of 13 people.

Melanie and I (Paige) Started our evening with a cheap glass of wine. Seb, who was taking the bus down from Whistler, called us to ask for directions. I handed the phone to Melanie to give him step by step instructs. However, she neglected to tell him where to get off. Since Seb doesn’t have a cell phone, this proved to be a problem. In a panic we called Smith who was downtown picking up Sam and Kevin from the sea bus.

One way or another, everything worked out. Seb got off close to our house, Marley drove up 3 minutes later, Smith arrived with Sam and Kevin in tow and we set off for Neighbours. Our favorite waitress, Mitzy, put together a table for 11 right underneath the painted window. Soon we were joined by Emily, Sarah and Kyler and everyone ordered pizza and pitchers. Shane and Jamie waltz in and crammed chairs in at our table. More pizza and beer!

Once again, when we were getting ready to leave, Mitzy surprised us with shots. This time they were “carmel cherry.”

After paying paying the bill we headed off in our separate directions. Emily, Sarah and Kyler drove off into the distance, Shane and Jamie walked back to Jamie’s apartment, and the rest of the crew headed back to MP’s. Sam and Kevin Missed the last bus so they ended up joining the slumber party and Smith woke up in the morning to find himself covered in sharpie draw penises…hehe, alright.


  • Meeting Sam (finally)
  • Getting the photokids in on Neighbours night
  • Free shots!
  • Smith Becoming a work of art

    Start: September 19/08 6:30pm

    End: September 20/08 7:30am

    Paige’s Drunkness: 8/10


    • MP’s Livingroom
    • The Lennex Pub
    • Samesun Bar
    • The Roxy

    Paige Harley, Chris Whittle, three other random australians


    So Chris, a friend from home in whistler, was flying back home to Australia. On the route to the airport him and some buddies came and crashed in our living room. As his last night in Canada we decided it would be a good idea to go drinking.  first we had a beer at the Lennex and then moved to the Samesun. It happened to be double highball night. Double were only 5 dollars. We drank too much, then we moved on to the Roxy. Upon arriving, everyone went to buy another drink, except me. I had an 9:30 start at school the next day and did not want a hang over. The Australians kept insisting they wanted to buy me a drink in exchange for sleeping in the living room. I wanted nothing to do with anymore alcohol and went to sit down. When they joined me with their beverages they surprised me. Not only had they all bought a drink for themselves, but each one had bought one for me as well. Needless to say, it gets fuzzy from that point on. We danced and somehow got home.



    • Cheap highballs
    • Getting to say bye to Chris
    • Actually making it home

    Start: September 20/08 1:00pm

    End: September 20/08 11:30am

    Paige’s Drunkness: 3/10


    • River Rock Casino Hotel
    • Golf Course Club House

    Paige Harley, Paige’s family


    This is going to be a short one. Since none of the avid contributers of this website were there.

    It was a wedding, and a good one at that. My cousin Mike was getting married to his long-time girl friend Krista.

    Basically they got married, there was tears, laughter, music, drinking and dancing. It was everything you could hope for from an Irish family. The only downside was the DJ didn’t seem to want to play “home for a rest.” He didn’t think it was a wedding appropriate song. Not until the dance floor had completely disintegrated did he pull out our much request jig. Saved his ass, everyone jumped up and danced.   


    • Mike pulling a horseshoe from under Krista’s dress
    • Grandma spilling quiche down her front
    • The DJ playing “Home For A Rest”  

    Start: September 19/08 6:30pm

    End: September 20/08 7:30am

    Smith’s Drunkness: 6/10

    Paige’s Drunkness: 7/10

    •    UBC campus

    Smith Milner, Paige Harley, Adam Woods,  Andrew Tomchyshyn, Trevor, grant, Denise Ramsden


    Since Adam’s room was still a mess from our last stay, I (Paige) bused over with a heap of pasta and good intentions. We were going to clean! We really were! But instead we ate our pasta in the grass with Adam’s floor mates. When dinner was done we met up with Smith and headed over to Andrew’s dorm.

    Wow! Andrew lives at the house of sausage. In this meat factory we also met up with Trevor and Grant. Well after hanging out in the common room for about 20 minutes, we got kicked out. Apparently more than five girls in the same room is considered a party.

    We collaborated in Andrew’s room and then moved back to Adam’s where we gained Adrian and Denise. I also scored a dress loan for a wedding I was attending the next afternoon.

    One way or another we ended up on the edge of a cliff. Literally. I’m not entirely sure why we decided to go stand on the edge of the earth but it was definitely a stomach dropping experience. Somewhere along the route I lost my wrecked blue suitcase I carry around like a purse, thankfully Andrew/Adam got that back. THANKS!

    I spent the rest of the night stumbling around on a bag hunt. Apparently Marley showed up at some point although there’s no photo evidence. 

    The next morning Smith and I woke up on the floor of Adam’s room, once again (that bastard needs to get anorexic and share the bed). We were up and out of the dorm by 7:30 so that Smith’s car wouldn’t get a ticket and so I could head out to the wedding.


    • Eating Pasta in the grass
    • Getting kicked out of a sausage fest
    • Standing on the edge of the earth
    • Finding my bag

    Smith just had a mickey of Fireball as predrinks before going to Amy’s 20th BDay!! yay!

    (written the night of)^^

    Start: September 20/08 9:00pm

    End: September 21/08 3:00am

    Drunkness Rating: high, 8/10


    • Bourbon
    • Smith’s House
    • Bus Stop


    Smith Milner, Adam Woods and Amy Poulston (there were much more people but I don’t know who they are).


    Ok next morning later… I had lots of fun although I’m paying the price right now as I write this post. My posts are not as tidy as Paige’s so don’t be surprised if you see this post change as paige will probably want to clean it up. We had a late start to the evening, Adam and I had pre-drinks at my house (Smith’s house). He downed a 6 case of… beer ( i forgot what, i’ll add that later heh) in 40min and I had a mickey of Fireball because I’ve been addicted to it lately, can’t wait for valentines’ day for those cinnamon heart things! Anyways we get the pub, got frisked by a lovely lady at the front door, get our stamps and we’re in! Adam only needed 2 pieces of ID which is a surprise for those who know adam (baby faced, but loved). We let the party vibe steep into us for 10 min and went into the crowd for fun. I danced with a few girls, had a few more drinks and it kinda gets hazy after that. later (not sure what time) I get a text from Adam. He’s gone!(oh noes!#(*&@#) He doesn’t know his way around very well yet but I was drunk.

    So the party continued, Marley Smith calls awhile later hes on Nelson and Granville and I thought I better leave to find Adam. I wish Amy a happy Bday and take my leave. waiting for a bus Downtown I sent off like 10 texts to random people about random things. most of them don’t make sense as I look back. I befriended some really nice girls while waiting for the bus, they were catching the 19 into stanley park so I hung out with them for 30min forgetting about my lost drunk friend. Ok, I’ve had enough I need to get home before I get lost reach the front door around 3am. crashed. wokeup just now, still no sign of Adam. I really hope hes not dead, Buffy would kill me…



    • getting “frisked”
    • finding out Adam’s alive
    • fixing Smith’s post (with love from Paige)

    Start: September 17/08 7:30pm

    End: September 18/08 8:30am

    Smith’s Drunkness: 6/10

    Paige’s Drunkness: 7.5/10


    • MP’s Suite
    • Neighbours Pub
    • Kat’s Tea House


    Smith Milner, Paige Harley, Melanie Komori, Kevin Thornton, Adam Woods, Jenelle Shoucair, Ben Savoie, Silas Rogers, Andrew Tomchyshyn


    This was the first, official, documented night. Everyone met at Paige and Melanie’s place to pre-drink and socialize. We then headed out to Neighbour’s Pub, located at 49th and Victoria, for their weekly Wednesday pitcher night. Who can argue with spending $20 for a medium pizza and pitcher? Almost everyone ordered a jug for themselves.

    Group Shot!



    When we were through with our food and only waiting on the bill, our waitress surprised us with a delicious round of blue, mystery shots. 


    Finally, we got our shit together and stumbled out the door. Ben decided he was too good to sleep on the living room floor with the rest of the crew, so he caught the bus back to UBC. The rest of us wandered into Kat’s Tea House for late night, cheap, chocolate fondue.


    Lotsa Beer at Neighbor`s Night

    Lotsa Beer at Neighbor`s Night (Photo by Paige Harley)

    No one is entirely sure how it got started, but somehow, a violent game of slaps began. This “game” involved slapping the person sitting next to you, as hard as you possibly can. That person then hits the person next to them and so it continues around the circle. This game only works if everyone is drunk enough to find being smacked in the face absolutely hilarious. During the start of the game, Jenelle and Silas stayed safe and far away from our group table for a “chat.” The unsuspecting pair eventually came and joined us. The second Silas sat down, Paige back-handed him. As you can guess, he wasn’t very happy. After thoroughly terrifying the girl behind the counter at Kat’s, we wandered back to Paige and Melanie’s place. Finding some nook or cranny to curl up in, we fell asleep.


    After about five hours of sleep, 8am found us tired and hung-over. Kevin and Smith were undercover spooning on the living room floor in their boxers, Andrew was on the floor with stolen couch cushions and Adam was on the hard springs of the bare couch. Half an hour later we dragged our feet out of the house for a long day of classes.

    Andrew with a Camera

    Andrew with a Camera (Photo by Paige Harley)





    • Cheap beer!
    • Our waitress buying us a round of shots
    • Chocolate fondue at Kat’s Tea house
    • An aggressive round of slaps
    • Paige wailing Silas in the face, turns out he wasn’t playing
    • Smith and Kevin spooning on the living room floor

    I always thought Smith was the coolest

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